About GiftCardChoices.com

GiftCardChoices.com was created by UpWord Search Marketing. In addition to providing digital marketing consulting services for its clients, UpWord launches independent projects such as GiftCardChoices and others through its "startup studio" division.


UpWord has been providing Search Engine Optimization services for its clients since 2002. We understand that search does not just occur on Google. As gift card givers and recipients ourselves we wanted to improve the gift card experience.



  • Generic gift cards like Amex and VISA cards are impersonal and realistically are just a way of giving someone cash, but paying a fee to do so.

  • Giving someone a gift card to the wrong store means it gets lost in a drawer at home and never used.

  • Flat out asking someone to buy you a gift card to a specific store can be a little aggressive.



…But what if there was a better way?


We feel there is and that is why we created GiftCardChoices.com. Our goal is to create the largest searchable registry of gift card preferences so that you Never Give or Get the Wrong Gift Card again.


For more information on UpWord visit www.upwordsem.com